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My family and I have gone to Aimee’Lee for a year now. We’ve received relaxation, cupping, deep tissue, and hot stone massage. Currently, I’m recovering from a traumatic injury and hadn’t let anyone touch my arm for 8 weeks. Aimee’lee was very gentle but also able to give me the deep work where I was able. I knew I was in good hands and feel her therapy is integral in my healing. I trust Aimee’lee because of her depth of knowledge, her skills in practice, and how attuned she is to my needs. She consistently listens, asks good questions, makes suggestions, and asks for feedback. She makes sure that I’m ok with the pressure, music, etc. Aimee’lee is incredibly knowledgeable about anatomy/physiology as well as the healing process. She consistently listens and responds appropriately to my specific physical and emotional states. She is attuned to my needs and is able to adapt her massage techniques to the different needs of my different body parts, specific to my injury. If you want a therapist who really listens to you and responds with professional techniques that provide results, book a session with Aimee’lee!  -Hannah D.

Aimee'Lee is always welcoming and is careful to taylor her treatment with what her client needs from the session.  -Krista O.

Thank you for a wonderful holistic massage therapy expert Aimee’Lee! You always offer multiple avenues to healing, and open my perceptions of what it means to be well in this life. Blessings to you and Butterfly Bodywork! Callie M.

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