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     I have studied and achieved Reiki Master and Teacher certification, earned an Advanced Cupping Therapist certification, trained and practiced the art of Hot and Cold Stones, as well as training in Shiatsu, Gua Sha, use of Essential Oils, breath work and several other modalities.  For me bodywork is the treatment of a whole being, not just a symptom, and meeting that being where they are the moment they arrive for service.  Through years of study, training, and practice, I offer clients my “whole 64 count box of crayons.” 

     Your first visit, I will schedule a few extra minutes to go over your health history and discuss which modalities and techniques will best serve you. Please click on "Schedule Now" to set up your first service.  On subsequent visits we will just take a few minutes to check in and make sure there we are both on the same page.  You will need to complete your health history prior to your first visit, please look for the health history email.   

     Starting face down working on the feet, legs, glutes, back, arms, hands, and scalp.  Roll over and scoot down the table, again starting with feet, legs, arms, hands, upper chest, neck face and scalp.  I typically start with feet because most people are less protective of their feet and it is a kind way to introduce touch.  However, if starting face down does not feel safe to you, you are in charge.  And logically, if you say your neck and calves are your biggest areas of concern, other areas will get less or no attention.

     How long of a service should I schedule?  Really depends on what you want to accomplish in your service.  If this is your first massage, an hour is generally a good place to start. A thirty minute service is not enough time for a full body service.   

     Schedule the duration of visit you would like and we will customize your service based on your needs when you arrive.  

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