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Masks and Sanitization


Masking:   Washington State Department of Health is lifting the mask mandate as of April 3, 2023.  Kitsap County Health Department has suggested that masks still be worn in health care environments as to best protect staff and clients.  I will still wear my RZ non vented mask with a charcoal filter during treatment.  While it is not certified N-95 that certification is pending, and it meets the requirements.  Clients can make the choice as to weather or not they want to wear a mask during the service.


Vaccinations:  I am fully vaccinated as of February 26th, 2021.  I have received two booster shots.

Travel:  If you have traveled, please test before getting a massage and if you feel the slightest bit ill, lets reschedule.


Sanitization:  I schedule 45 minutes between services.  The treatment space is cleaned with products approved on the EPA List N for Covid, products are used to manufacturers specifications.  I use Seventh Generation Disinfectant Spray and isopropyl alcohol.  Windows are open when weather allows.  I have an air cleaner designed for 640 square feet, in a 350 square foot space, running on high while in service.  It is designed to handle particles less than one micron.  It is cleaned and serviced on the manufacturers schedule. The massage table has an impervious table cover, over the table heater, which is disinfected between guests. 
The linen package for each guest includes:  bottom sheet, top sheet, face cradle cover, blanket, hand towel, pillow case, stone towel, practitioner shirt, and bath mat for your feet! Any item touched by either of us during the service is sanitized between guests.  That said, I appreciate you not touching things unnecessarily in the treatment room. The restroom in the building is sanitized to CDC standards between each guest.  Sheets, blankets, pillow cases, foot mats, and hand towels, are handled through HealthAssure by Alsco. They are a hospital grade laundry service.  Face cradle covers and my scrub tops are washed at home in a fully subitizable laundry room.


Waiting Room:  Clients wait in their vehicle until  I walk out and wave or text that it is safe to enter for service.  Feel free to text when you get here!
With the exception of minors needing a guardian present, only the client is allowed in the treatment room.


Updates:  If new regulations or suggestions become available, the above protocol will be updated or modified to keep us both as safe as possible.

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