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Frequently asked questions...


How naked do I have to be?

I will meet you where you are.  Some techniques only work on bare skin, if you are only comfortable taking of your shoes and coat, we use techniques best suited for that.


Do I have to lay on the table?

Nope.  If that feels threatening to you, I have a massage chair, or you can sit in a regular chair.  Again, therapeutic compassionate work is meeting you where you are.


Do I have to use the blanket?

Washington State Law requires that we keep genitalia, breast tissue, breast and gluteal cleavage covered.  Washington State Law does not care how you identify, those areas are protected.  If you want to wear a sports bra and shorts, you can forgo the blanket.

What is abdominal massage?

Massage of your tummy.  We hold a tremendous amount of emotion in our abdomen.  While this is not an area worked deeply it can be instrumental in reaching bodywork goals.


What if I cry?

We are working on removing things that are stuck.  Sometimes those things are emotions.  Sometimes eliminating is loud.  Some people cry, sob, get angry, laugh, sneeze, sweat, some even fart!  And it’s all ok.


Am I supposed to talk?

If we are working intensely, I will check in verbally.  If you are snoring, I will not wake you up check in, nor will I work deeply.  If you are uncomfortable with silence, I will participate in conversation at your request.  If I find something we had not previously discussed, I will bring it to your attention.  Ultimately, you are here for your wellness, not the therapist’s entertainment.


Is massage supposed to be painful?

The therapeutic zone is a 5 or 6 on the awareness scale.  One is “I think I feel a breeze” Ten is impending death.  If you are making a fist, holding your breath, clenching, we are not in the therapeutic range.  This isn’t about being tough or macho.  If we are not working in the therapeutic range, we could do damage.  I am not from the no pain no gain, gut it out school.  It is the difference between “hurt so good” and “that just hurts.”  I try to ride the edge of “hurts so good.”


Why is my friend loopy after a massage?

Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system; we make chemicals that can make us feel relaxed and happy.  It is similar to a “runners high.”  However, not everyone experiences it to the same degree.


Am I supposed to drink lots of water?

Therapeutic work is a physical workout minus the cardio portion.  You expect to drink water after lifting, cycling, or running.  And as a general rule, if you are thirsty, have a drink of water.


What if I am ticklish?

There are different techniques available.  It isn’t uncommon for people to have ticklish upper thighs.  I have often had a client put their hand on the ticklish spot and then work through their hand.  You can only tickle yourself with Dad jokes.


How long do cupping marks last?

This totally depends on your body.  Your hydration level, stress level, how rested are you, what have you been eating for the last few days.  If you are totally rested, hydrated, have not had sugar for several days and continue to be that way post service, they probably wont last.  If you were 5 minutes late for your service because you came straight from the airport, after a bridal shower in Vegas, they will probably be there longer.


Do you take Insurance?

Nope.  Lots of reasons, the short answer is just no.

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